Saturday, December 01, 2007

Paul vs Empire?

A recording of the SBL discussion-debate is available on the topic of whether Paul's letters were intentionally and deeply anti-Rome: here (scroll to the bottom of that post).
John Barclay takes the negative, Tom Wright the positive, and then Robert Jewett comments on both (and he is ultra-positive).

Though two focii of my studies have been Paul's theology and the socio-cultural background to the NT, a rather odd omission is that I virtually haven't looked at all at the topic of Paul and Empire. So I found the debate extremely interesting to listen to. I would tend to side with Barclay at this stage, but no doubt my view will nuance itself with study and time. I already had Horsley's Paul and Empire sitting in my waiting-to-be-read pile beside my bed (along with 12 other theology books sadly... why are there not more hours in the day?), so hopefully I will feel more informed after reading that.

I'm reading Milgrom's Leviticus at the moment, and have just finished Beckwith and Selman's Sacrifice in the Bible, so there may be some posts on sacrifices in the near future.


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