Thursday, November 01, 2007

Christ-likeness is a helpful term

I was reading this post and I was struck by the comment:
It is only Christ-likeness - and not works of the law - that will ensure that they survive the suffering and destruction that will mark the transition from the present evil age to the age that has now (from our perspective) come.
I think that's a great way of expressing Paul's thought. I think I need to use the term Christ-likeness more. It is a particularly good term at capturing what I have long argued Paul's theology is all about, but it is not a term I have used much.


Blogger Doug Chaplin said...

You may like a comment of Archbishop Michael Ramsey (I think - I haven't got time right now to chase it down):
"God is Christ-like, and in him is no un-Christ-likenes at all"


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