Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jewish => Judeanish?

The view that "Jew" is a mistranslation seems to be popular amongst scholars at moment. Apparently the word should be "Judean". Now that's fine with me, so I'm changing my writing to stop using "Jew" terminology and I'm replacing it with "Judean" instead.

The problem comes though when I hit "Jewish". What is the new form of that word?

Apparently Richard Horsley uses "Judhite". But is a person seeing that word really going to have a clue what it means, especially if I write for a popular audience rather than a scholarly one?


Blogger Jim said...

I would've thought Judean would be ok...

Blogger Andrew said...

Yeah I'm leaning toward going with Judean in place of Jewish.

Blogger Steve Hayes said...

Irt surely depends on context.

When Jesus was talking to the Samaritan woman, she regarded him as a Jew, and he accepted the description. But when he was talking to the Sadducees they were Judaeans and he was to them a Galilean.


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